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The journey begins

I have four mice right now, two does and two bucks. The does are very old and one is dieing and the bucks are young and lively. I am getting another little girl tomorrow. Tiffany is one of my does. She is named after the youngest mouse in Mrs. Frisby and the rats of nyhm. She makes little noises like “tiff, tiff” and is brown with peculiar yellowy tiger stripes that you only notice if you are close up. She is about 1 year and 7 months I think, but that is an estimate. Tiffany is very sweet and tame, she has never been much of a climber and doesn’t use the tubes I bought for her. She’s a coward.  Then there is Mrs. Frisby. From Mrs. Frisby and the rats of nyhm. Mrs frisby was huge when I got her at the pet store, but I was sure she wasn’t pregnant. She was very large all her life and is a sweet lovely animal. She is in a lot of pain now but the vet’s don’t know what to do because they don’t know anything about mice. (I live in alberta) She has a toumer the size of herself on her left side. She used to love to run on her wheel but now she can’t fit in it and is not very mobile. She is having problems getting into her food dish and inside the place she sleeps in. She has also recently started having seizures. Mrs Frisby is brown.

Today I got two more mice and a cage for them. They are my two little boys. Vladomere is the name of the mousy I am going to breed with the mouse I’m getting tomorrow. (Ophelia) Vlad is a spry youngling; lively, healthy and very strong. He is also very beautiful! He’s a very very dark brown with cream patches- a prime mouse for breading. He is tame and friendly. Then there is his roomie; despereux. Dessy is named after Despereux from “the tale of  Despereux”.  He is half of his right ear and all of his left. This is a birth defect. Dessy is tame, friendly and very small. He is cream with beige patches.

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